About Us

Someone once told me that I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for college for my son because he would probably be good at sports.  When I asked why they thought that my then 2 year old son would be good at sports, no good answer was given.  The idea for the aspirational tshirt (Future CEO, Doctor, President, Scholar, and Scientist) was born.  I wanted to show our boys (and others) that they can be something other than entertainers and athletes.

During this same time, I also became bored with the boys’ assortment that I would see in the stores.  I was tired of fighting through a sea of pink just to get to the boys’ section, only to be disappointed with the lack of cool, affordable clothing for boys.  So, I decided to offer a full boys’ only boutique and my angle would be European fashion, while continuing to offer the aspirational tshirts.  I am glad you are here and hope that you walk with me on my journey to uplift, inspire, and encourage our boys.